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Treating a condition like osteoarthritis requires much more than just a massage and some exercises. Even with lower back pain and neck pain, a well-thought-out plan must be developed. By incorporating the complete picture into our advice, we offer the best care in Stein with long-lasting results.


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As a specialized physiotherapist, with a background as a personal trainer and weight consultant, I offer, together with my team, a comprehensive package of services that together ensure an optimal result. Treatment of osteoarthritis, lower back pain, or neck pain is where we excel. We believe in a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just the complaint.


Physiotherapy in Stein

If you're experiencing physical complaints such as neck pain, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, (sports) injuries, or recurring pain, you're in the right place with us. Based on an initial consultation, a personalized treatment plan is created.

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Guided Exercise in Stein


Performing simple exercises correctly isn't always easy, but it's essential in alleviating osteoarthritis symptoms. We are happy to guide you in performing exercises and training for a goal. You can come to us for physio training, personal training, and group training sessions. Movement advice for forms of lower back pain and neck pain is also of great importance.

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Nutritional Advice in Stein

Healthy nutrition is extremely important for the optimal functioning of your body. We are happy to guide you in adopting healthy eating habits, so you can continue them on your own.

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Coaching Throughout the Process


In addition to alleviating physical discomfort, we place great emphasis on identifying underlying causes. We discuss peripheral issues and provide advice where desired. This way, we work together towards a positive outcome.





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