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Our Approach

Marks Personal Touch believes in the power of simplicity and effectiveness. Additionally, we work according to a comprehensive approach that looks beyond just the complaint. The optimal solution is a balance between physiotherapy treatments, exercises, coaching, and supervised sports activities.

Simple and Effective

Nowadays, there are countless machines and technologies designed to alleviate your complaints in no time. This often leads to overlooking the essence: executing simple tasks exceptionally well. At Marks Personal Touch, you receive straightforward, effective exercises that are adjusted as necessary throughout the process. You will be well-guided to ensure the exercises are performed correctly. You will know exactly what we are working on and the effect of the treatment.
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A personal touch

Complaints often have more causes than just physical ones. That's why we stand for personalized advice that looks beyond just the complaint. During the initial consultation, your complaints are examined, and we also discuss your moments of rest, stress, and nutrition. How are you put together, and how can we help you best? This way, we get to the core and develop an effective treatment plan that works best for you.

More than just Physiotherapy

An effective treatment plan is tailored to your situation and characteristics. What motivates you? What do you struggle with? A holistic approach, including physiotherapy treatments, exercises, coaching, and supervised sports activities, ensures optimal results that keep you fit and free from physical complaints in the long run.

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