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Physiotherapy in Stein 


Tailored solutions ensure the best results.
To optimally treat your complaints, we combine the guidelines of the KNDF with our own unique approach. Together, we put a spin on those pesky 'must-dos' within physiotherapy and work towards your recovery.


Your path to Recovery

  1. Introduction: during the first appointment, your complaints are examined, and we create a file, always in accordance with the guidelines of the KNGF (Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy).
  2. Personal advice: based on the physiotherapeutic examination, we issue advice. Then, we look together to see what works best for you. This way, we come up with tailored personal advice.
  3. Interim adjustments: depending on the advice, you will receive various treatments and exercises. We always take a moment in between to check if everything is working well or not. This allows us to make adjustments where necessary.

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Type of treatments


At Marks Personal Touch, you can find help for a wide variety of complaints. You can come to us for the following treatments:

  • Neck/back specialist
  • Exercise programs for osteoarthritis
  • Treatment of acute injuries
  • Chronic or recurring pain
  • Posture correction
  • Medical Taping

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Cost and duration of treatment


A physiotherapy session lasts 30 minutes. The cost of these treatments can largely be reimbursed, depending on your health insurer.
Want to know more about the cost of a physiotherapy treatment and how reimbursement works?

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