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As a specialized physiotherapist, with a background as a personal trainer and weight consultant, I offer together with my team an all-round package of services that together ensure an optimal result. We stand for a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just the complaint.



Physiotherapy in Stein

Physiotherapy is a broad profession with many branches. Our specialty is the optimal functioning of muscles, tendons, and joints. This includes addressing physical complaints such as neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, injuries, or recurring pain. Based on an initial consultation, a personal treatment plan is drafted. Together, we will tackle this plan to address the physical complaints as effectively as possible.

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Guided Sports in Stein 

Based on the demand and goal, we offer three types of training: physiotherapy sessions, group training, and personal training. Physiotherapy sessions last 30 minutes and focus on strengthening specific muscles. Both group training and personal training last 1 hour. Here, a training schedule is developed based on a personal goal. These goals can range from weight loss to muscle building.

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Nutritional advice in Stein

Healthy eating is extremely important for the optimal functioning of your body. Based on a consultation, a nutrition plan is set up for a period of 12 weeks. Every week, you will receive a new plan, including a shopping list. You will be given the tools to eventually continue these healthy habits on your own. Not ready to commit to a 12-week period? Then you can also opt for a single consultation, including a one-week plan.

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Coaching throughout the process

Physical complaints, such as neck pain, are sometimes related to external factors. Therefore, we find it very important to not only address the physical complaints but also to identify where the cause lies. While treating your physical complaints, we will engage in conversation and provide advice where desirable. This way, we aim for a positive result together.